Doula Services

Labor doula care from a Birthinway College of Midwifery trained doula, and Birthing From Within mentor.

Labor Doula services include:

~An initial interview (free of charge) where I am happy to meet with you wherever is convenient and comfortable for you in order to connect and see if we click. If you are planning on having your partner or other support people at the birth, it would be great to meet them as well. I will be happy to answer any questions, address any concerns, and share resources. Following the interview I will give you (and your support people) time to talk and think about whether you wish to pursue with having me be your doula. It is a big decision, and if I am not the right fit for your family I am happy to give referrals to other doulas to interview.

  ~Once deciding to hire me, we can have up to 3 prenatal visits which can include discussing your options, goals and desires for your birth, and what you would like to gain from having me assist your birth, help formulating your birth preferences, talking with your S/O or other members of your birth team to help demonstrate the best ways to support you in labor, teaching pain management techniques to use yourself during early labor, and more. I am also happy to join you at an OB/midwife appointment, or join for a tour of your birth center or hospital’s labor & delivery unit.

~I will be a constant resource to text or call with any questions, fears, etcetera. You may contact me as often as you need from the time we begin working together until after our postpartum visits are complete.

~Labor support: I will be on call to come to your labor from the time you are 38 weeks onwards. I will offer full comprehensive support from the first signs of labor via text or phonecall, and in person support as soon as you need it, until your baby is born, and the time immediately afterwards until you feel settled in with your new baby.

~Up to 2 postpartum visits where you can ask any questions you may have, verbally process your birth, and get a helping hand with your baby if you just need a break. I am available to come for postpartum visits in your hospital immediately after delivery, and also once you are settled at home. If you desire, I will prepare a complementary herbal steam or sits bath for you.


Belly Casting:

When I am not busy being a doula and momma, I create body casted sculptures. I would love to offer you and your family a professional belly cast to remember your beautiful belly with! There are many levels of castings I can create, and the prices will vary for which type you would like, but this is a service I would love to provide for you in conjunction with one of our prenatal visits if you hire me as your doula. I also offer this service separately from doula packages.