Full-Spectrum Doula Care

As a birth worker and supporter of full-spectrum reproductive care, I am aware that it is not always just those choosing to birth their babies, or those who’s babies make it to birth who need support.

If you are going through an abortion or miscarriage and are feeling a lack of support, I am here for you.

Full-spectrum doula care is very personalized to you. Whatever kind of additional support you need during this time, I am here to work with you to help assure you receive that support. Options may include me joining you at your abortion appointment, or doctor’s visits. I can also provide phone, text or in person support at any point in the process. I am available to come to your home, provide meals, and be there to talk while you recover.

If you are feeling the need for additional support during or after an abortion or miscarriage, please reach out to me. We can customize a plan and a rate for the service.

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