Labor Support

I will be on call to come to your labor as quickly as you need from the time you are 38 weeks onwards. I will offer full comprehensive support from the first signs of labor via text or phonecall, and in person support as soon as you need it, until your baby is born, and the time immediately afterwards until you feel settled in with your new baby.

Labor support can include but is not limited to physical support via counter pressure, massage, and use of a rebozo, as well as grounding emotional support if you are in need of affirming words. If you have a partner who wishes to be the primary support person, I will help to guide him or her in supporting you both physically and emotionally. I will be there to bring you food or water or cool washcloths, there to draw you a bath, or to suggest new positions to try. I am also there to address any in-the-moment questions which may arise for either you or your support people.

My methods of care are tailored to each client, and as labor flows, the methods of support used will inevitably flow along with it! 

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